Aluminum maker Hydro battles to contain ransomware cyber attack

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Aluminum maker Hydro battles to contain ransomware cyber attack

Norsk Hydro, a Norwegian renewable energy and aluminum company headquartered in Oslo, had been in a rattling battle to contain a ransomware cyber attack on Tuesday, the 19th of March 2019, which had also stalled parts of their productions.

Following the reveal of a ransomware cyber hack, one of the world’s largest aluminum producers with subsidies in more than 50 countries, had shuttered down several metal extrusions, alongside rolled products plants, which used to transform aluminum into car-manufacturing components, building blocks and parts for other industries.

Apart from that, its giant smelters in Norway had been turned into manual from automated following the cyber-attack. Addressing the situation quite severe out there, the Chief Financial Officer of Norsk Hydro, Eivind Kallevik said in a news conference, “This is a classic ransomware attack.

The situation is quite severe”. Concomitantly, Kallevik had also added that the hackers had still been remained unidentified. NNSA (Norwegian National Security Authority), the state agency responsible for cybersecurity had been quoted saying that the attack was performed using a virus known as LockerGoga, a comparatively new species of cyber ransomware, which encrypts computer files at first and then, demands payment for unlocking the files.

Norks Hydro CEO, who still remained incapable of accessing his computer files, had not yet mentioned the figure, hackers had been aiming at. Instead, the Kallevik had been quoted saying on Tuesday (March 18th) that the company had a good back-up system and they had solid plans of restoring corrupted files.