Google rival seeks more details on Google’s Android proposal

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Google rival seeks more details on Google’s Android proposal

On Friday, the 22nd of March 2019, a smaller Google rival, Czech search engine provider, Seznam had urged Google to reveal more details about their plans to increase numbers of rival search apps on Android smartphones. Apart from that, the Czech search engine had also added that they had been losing users due to Google’s anti-competitive practice.

Seznam, the Czech search engine which attracts as much spending in advertisement as Google, had taken their argument to European Commission against Google’s unfair business practice more than three years earlier. Eventually, the Czech search engine provider, headquartered in Prague, had joined the lobbying group FairSearch, whose complaint later had triggered an investigation on Google’s mobile operating system android, which ultimately resulted to a record $5 billion fine for Google following an EU Commission probe.

Addressing to Google’s unfair business practice, former Chief Executive of Seznam and a partner at a consultancy firm advising the search engine provider, Michael Feix said, “Time is running out, every day makes a difference.

Seznam is losing market share because of Google’s search engine installed by default on mobiles. ” EU antitrust enforces had been quoted saying following imposing the financial penalty that Alphabet Inc.’s Google had been abusing its android market dominance to hinder rivals, while Kent Walker, Google’s vice-president of global affairs, said without revealing further details in a blog post this week that the search engine giant had been planning to prompt the users to choose their preferred browsers alongside search app.

Welcoming Google’s concept, Seznam’s Feix said, “It is probably the solution we are looking at but it depends on the details. Walker’s blog lacked details”.