EU to drop threats of Huawei ban, but wants 5G monitored

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EU to drop threats of Huawei ban, but wants 5G monitored

The European Union Commission has been set to urge EU-nations next week to share more data for dealing with cybersecurity risks linked to 5G networks. Never the less, the EU Commission would likely ignore a US call of banning Huawei Technologies, at least four people familiar with the subject matter revealed on Friday, the 22nd of March 2019.

According to one of the spokesmen, European digital chief, Andrus Ansip would be presenting the recommendation on next Tuesday, March 26th. As of now the guidance may not have legal impact, however the political weight carried by the recommendation would likely to prod legislation in EU countries.

For long, the United States officials had been lobbying its European allies alongside EU Commission to shutdown Huawei, accusing their networking equipment of espionage on behalf of Beijing. According to two other spokesmen, Ansip would be telling the EU nations to utilize Huawei networking devices under NIS directive or EU directive on security and information system, adopted in 2016, and another cybersecurity act approved recently.

Concomitantly, the EU Commission would not be calling for a widespread ban on Huawei on euro zone, rather it would more likely to leave the decision to EU nations. One of the sources said, “It is a recommendation to enhance exchanges on the security assessment of digital critical infrastructure. ”