US authority sent information request to Nordea and SEB on Danske scandal

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US authority sent information request to Nordea and SEB on Danske scandal

New York’s financial regulator had sent a letter to the Nordic banks, SEB and Nordea, asking blow-by-blow information over their dealings with the much-slanderous Danske bank, a Bloomberg report revealed on Friday, the 29th of March 2019, citing an unidentified source.

Danish Danske bank’s scandal had dragged several banks down into money laundering scandal, as its Estonian branch had been used for funneling more than 200 billion euros of suspicious payments between 2007 and 2015.

Following the reveal of the money-laundering scandal, financial watchdogs of multiple countries including the United States and Germany had launched an exhaustive probe on Danske bank’s link to laundered money. Never the less, the recent development on Danske scandal came forth after Estonian government had ordered Danske to close its Estonian branch earlier this month.

Besides, once a safe-haven for filtering money through eastern and central Europe, the Baltic countries, had also congealed their money laundering laws to prevent further wrongdoings. According to multiple spokesmen of Nordea and SEB, US probe on Danske scandal would fuel investors’ fear and knock their shares.

Nonetheless, addressing to close cooperation with the authorities, Nordea responded in an emailed statement, “We have close cooperation with authorities in all countries where we operate, however, we don’t go into details regarding our dialogue with the authorities”.