Brazil to file criminal charge against iron ore miner Vale on dam collapse

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Brazil to file criminal charge against iron ore miner Vale on dam collapse

Brazilian Prosecutors had been planning to bring criminal charges against Brazilian miner Vale SA, the largest producer of iron ore and nickel in the world, alongside its employees, over a catastrophic collapse of a mine-waste dam in mid-January, that killed hundreds of people and left thousands missing, a Wall Street Journal report revealed on Wednesday, the 10th of April 2019, citing quotes from the lead investigators.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, Brazilian investors had gathered enough evidence to reaffirm that the employees of Vale SA, the fifth-largest mining company of the world in terms of asset, involved in the mining operation of the collapsed dam, knew that the dam was unsafe.

The prosecutor leading the investigation, Jose Adercio Leite Sampaio said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, “At this point, we know that the operational side knew [that the dam was at risk of collapse], but did Vale's directors know?” Nevertheless, the Vale SA was expected to be charged with criminal offence following the collapse of the dam that killed hundreds and polluted a river nearby, yet questions remained whether the allegations would only involve dam employees, safeguarding the directors.

Apart form that, the report had also added that the employees alongside the mining company might have been charged with murder, manslaughter, falsification of data and environmental damage.