EU & PM May extend Brexit pause to October 31st

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EU & PM May extend Brexit pause to October 31st

On Wednesday, the 10th of April 2019, after a tentative talk between the leaders of European Union over an emergency summit of EU, a 28-nation pact of European nations including United Kingdom, the EU leaders had agreed to proffer PM May a new Brexit deadline of October 31st.

Following a late-night dinner among the leaders of 27 nations of European Union, where the leaders were scheduled to discuss about the ins and outs of a tortuous Brexit outlook over the British soil, the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat wrote in a tweet, “A Brexit extension until 31 October is sensible since it gives time to UK to finally choose its way”.

Besides, the Maltese PM had also added that the EU leaders of 27 nations would assess the progress of situation on next June. Upon concluding to a decision of offering about 6 months to UK PM May for reaching a solution to unify her divided parliament on Brexit issue, Summit Chair Donald Tusk had briefed PM May about the outcomes of the talks.

This late-night agreement had not only ruled out the possibility of a no-deal Brexit, also offered PM May more than three-months she asked before the summit. Besides, PM May was allowed to vote on next EU Commission election scheduled to be held on May.

Never the less, a six-month extension of Brexit deadline could even result in a shift of power over the British House of Commons and PM May’s potential successors may not have the same intent to leave the bloc, indicating that the British parliament would now have sufficient time to pick what exactly they had been seeking, including a wide-ranging options such as an extension of article 50, a soft-Brexit, and even an aversion of Brexit.