Apple in Dutch anti-trust spotlight on alleged promotion of own apps

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Apple in Dutch anti-trust spotlight on alleged promotion of own apps

On Thursday, the 11th of April 2019, Apple Inc., the iPhone maker, who had already been a subject to a stack of EU antitrust criticisms, became a target of Dutch investigators over alleged favoring of its own apps on Apple Store, while the Dutch Competition Agency (ACM) had also added that the probe could be expanded to Google Play Store, since both of these stores are lucrative money wheelers for Google and Apple.

Besides, the Dutch Competition Agency had also said that the probe was initially pointed out by several Dutch apps for news media, which suggested that the Silicon Valley giant might have been involved in an anti-competitive behavior on its Apple Store by preferring their own apps over other third-party apps providers.

Questing Apple’s abuse of market dominance, in a statement, the Dutch antitrust watchdog said, “ACM will investigate, among other aspects, whether Apple acted in violation of the prohibition of abuse of dominance, for example, by giving preferential treatment to its own apps” Apart from that, the Dutch watchdog had also called on other app providers to push forward with any abuse experienced over Apple’s app store, as the Dutch enforcer said, “ACM is calling on app providers to come forward if they experience any problems with Apple’s App Store, but also if they experience similar problems with Google’s Play Store.

ACM will use that information in its investigation”. Upon reveal of the initiation of probe on Apple’s anti-competitive behavior, the iPhone makers said that they had been treating all app developers equally.