Mexico, US business leaders unite to repel Trump’s border closure threat

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Mexico, US business leaders unite to repel Trump’s border closure threat

On Friday, the 12th of April 2019, the US and Mexican business leaders had fended off US President Donald Trump’s threat to close the Mexico-US border. Apart from that, business leaders of the two neighboring countries had urged the US President to drop tariffs on Mexican steels, that had been delaying ratification of a trade deal signed last year.

Over the eastern Mexican city of Merida, at a meeting attended by officials from both United States and Mexico, business leaders of the neighboring countries became united, urging Trump to drop threats of shuttering down border trade.

At a post-meeting press conference, citing Mexico-US trade relationship as a priority, head of US Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue had been quoted saying that the United States should be exempting Canada and Mexico from aluminum and steel tariff inclined on last June by US President Donald Trump before replacing NAFTA with newly formed USMCA, a ratification of which is still being delayed on deep differences among Trump Administration and Mexican government ahead of a Canadian election scheduled to be held on September this year.

Emphasizing US-Mexico relationship, sitting next to Mexican far-right wing President Manuel Lopez Obrador, Donohue also added, “That is why we are the first out of the gate to warn against the disastrous consequences of closing the U.S.-Mexican border,” which was warmly applauded by the Mexican President.