FAA meets with major US airlines, pilot unions on Boeing MAX grounding

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FAA meets with major US airlines, pilot unions on Boeing MAX grounding

On Friday, the 12th of April 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration of United States had been in a tentative talk with representatives from three major US airlines and their pilot unions, which grounded Boeing 737 Max aircrafts, lasting three hours, to discuss the terms of a new path forward for the Boeing 737 Max amid worldwide grounding following two fatal crashes resulted from identical software glitch.

After a total 347 people died in two fatal crashes, one in Ethiopia last month and another offshore of Indonesia on last October, over 300 Boeing 737 Max jets remained grounded worldwide. At Friday’s (April 12th) to seek a path forward for the airlines with Boeing’s MAX 737, the low-cost aircraft maker’s best-selling model, officials of Federal Aviation Administration had met three major US airlines as beforementioned, American Airlines Group Inc., Southwest Airlines Co.

and United Airlines, where the acting administrator of FAA, DAN Elwell had been quoted saying that he wanted to know about the thoughts of airlines operators and their pilots before returning 737 Max back in to the service.

During the meeting, Elwell said, “Participants’ operational perspective is critical input as the agency welcomes scrutiny on how it can do better,” and, American Airlines had issued a post-meeting statement saying, “(Airlines) was confident in the direction the FAA is heading and would continue to work collaboratively in this process”.

Never the less, pilots from Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, two of the largest US MAX operators had welcomed the move, yet added that many issues were still needed to be debated and discussed before they could fly MAX again.