China’s boss criticizes “lazybones” as company makes heavy cuts

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China’s boss criticizes “lazybones” as company makes heavy cuts

On Friday, the 12th of April 2019, the founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Inc., also goes by the name of Jingdong and formerly was called 360buy, Richard Liu had fanned the flames of an ongoing debate on Chinese tech industry’s overtime culture, saying that years of growth had increased the numbers of freeloaders in his firm.

According to Chinese Media, Liu’s comment was posted on his personal WeChat feed, a popular Chinese social media app, on Friday (April 12th), which had been the latest addition into an escalating debate over work-life balance on the Chinese tech industry, as the sector had been slowing after years of growth.

Although it was not confirmed whether the idlers were responsible behind the sluggish growth amid a global scale slowdown and declining demand forcing companies in to an imminent recession risk, at least three company sources had confirmed that the had begun to cut jobs earlier this year and the magnitude of slashing had been extensive over the recent past.

Although a spokesman declined to comment on the sacks, yet added that some adjustments were being made as a normal part of business. Submissively supporting the founder’s WeChat feed, the spokesman said, “ is a competitive workplace that rewards initiative and hard work, which is consistent with our entrepreneurial roots.

We’re getting back to those roots as we seek, develop and reward staff who share the same hunger and values”.