Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram suffer another worldwide outage

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Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram suffer another worldwide outage

Social networking giant, Facebook Inc., photo sharing network, Instagram and messaging application WhatsApp server had been down for some thousands of users on Sunday’s peak moments, the 14th of April 2019, a service downtime monitoring site, downdetector.com revealed.

According to the service downtime monitoring site, there had been more than 12,000 incidents where people reported problems while trying to access the into the site, however, during midday hours, the numbers were decreased to about 2,000 reports.

Followed by the wide-spread outage of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp server, thousands of users had used Twitter to complain about the failure. In fact, Facebook had experienced one of its most pervasive falls in last month, while users across the world had been unable to access Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for over 24 hours.

Downdetector.com had also added that there were 3,000 incidents in WhatsApp and another 7,000 in Instagram, when people failed to access the sites. Besides, according to multiple tech pundits, the number of server downfall had been increasing following a merger of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram on February, although the area of problem remained unidentified.

Although Facebook.com had declined to comment on the latest incident, real-time map of Downdetector.com had shown that the problems had mostly hit the users of Europe and Asia.