Merkel wants to guarantee Ukraine gas transit despite Nord Stream pipeline

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Merkel wants to guarantee Ukraine gas transit despite Nord Stream pipeline

On Friday, the 12th of April 2019, the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko had said after a working lunch with German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the Federal Government of Germany wanted to ensure that the Eastern European state, Ukraine, would be allowing further transit of a certain amount of Russian gas amid a tumultuous relationship with Putin’s government.

As beforementioned, Poroshenko had attended a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday (April 12th) in Berlin, mostly with a view to apprehend critical issues related to the construction of a controversial gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, a two-way pipeline, through the Baltic Sea, which would allow relatively cheaper Russian gas to enter into Europe.

As a matter of fact, given the fragility of relationship between Russia and Ukraine, Ukrainian President feared that the Russian state-owned Gazprom would no longer be channeling gas through Ukraine into the states of Western Europe.

Following a working lunch with Chancellor Merkel, Poroshenko had been quoted saying that Germany wanted to guarantee a certain amount of gas transit through Ukraine, while a negotiation has still been ongoing between Russia and Ukraine over a renewal of their transit agreement.

Shift of gears had become a little bit confusing in the recent past over Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline through the Baltic sea, as Ukraine wanted an entire eradication of the Nord Stream 2, which would ultimately affect the nation’s ability to hold a leverage on Russian exports, and Germany’s Merkel had again pronounced that she would work for Russian President Vladimir Putin to ensure Ukraine’s stance as a critical transit of Russian gas.