IBM quarterly revenue missed estimates on weak services, cloud demand

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IBM quarterly revenue missed estimates on weak services, cloud demand

On Tuesday, the 16th of April 2019, during its quarterly earnings release, the International Business Machines Corp (IBM) had reported a sharp plunge in its quarterly revenue, signaling a holocaust over its revamp operation of newer businesses likes of clouds, analytics software and services.

Followed by the release of the data that widely missed Wall St. estimation, the shares of IBM had fallen as much as 2.85 percent to $141 at the US morning trading hours, never the less, at the later part of the day IBM Common stocks, listed in NYSE, had recovered its earlier losses and posted a gain of 0.85 percent to $145.14.

Under the stewardship of Ginni Rommetty, the company had left many of its traditional hardware businesses and fleshed up emerging growth areas through costly mergers and acquisitions, including a $34 billion takeover deal for the Red Hat Inc., widely criticized as over-valued and by far the biggest acquisition of the company.

Analysts were expecting a robust push on IBM’s earnings, as the company had returned to profitable after seven years of continued losses at the last quarter of 2018, igniting expectations that the company’s strategy had been spreading roots.

According to IBES data from Refinitiv released on Tuesday (April 16th), the company’s revenue slid by 4.7 percent to $18.18 billion, widely missing an average estimate of about $18.50 billion.