Kenyan family files lawsuit against Boeing on Ethiopian Airlines crash

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Kenyan family files lawsuit against Boeing on Ethiopian Airlines crash

On Tuesday, the 16th of April 2019, A Kenyan family had filed a lawsuit in Chicago against the world’s largest low-cost aircraft carrier maker over an Ethiopian Airlines crash of a Boeing 737 Max last month, that killed 157 souls on-board, lawyers and family members of victims said.

The Kenyan family, which lost a 29-old-engineer, George Kabau, during latest plane crash on Ethiopia, which later resulted in a worldwide grounding of Boeing 737 MAX, said that they wanted the aircraft maker to release emails and documents linked to its 737 MAX 8 models, a software glitch of which had been seemed to be the reason behind this catastrophic incident.

Earlier this month, a preliminary report was released after French aviation authorities had conducted a probe on its Blackbox, and according to the report, an anomaly in the autopilot system of Boeing 737 Max had repeatedly ordered the plane to nose down.

Nevertheless, similar preliminary findings were found at another Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash offshore of Indonesia five months earlier, which killed 189 passengers on-board. While dozens of families had already filed lawsuits against Boeing over its MAX 8’s crash in Indonesia, three lawsuits had been filed so far on Ethiopian Airlines crash, by families of two Americans and a Kenyan family as beforementioned.

Followed by the latest lawsuit by a Kenyan family, Boeing issued a statement on Tuesday (April 15th) saying, “As the investigation continues, Boeing is cooperating fully with the investigating authorities”.