Google lets European Android users choose rival browsers, search engines

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Google lets European Android users choose rival browsers, search engines

On Thursday, the 18th of April 2019, a Senior Google Executive, Paul Gennai said in a blog post that the users of Android device over Europe would be able to choose among rival browsers alongside search engine from five options in the wake a stockpile of Google antitrust lawsuits in Europe over an intense abuse of market dominance to suppress rival browsers and search engines.

Apart from that, the Senior Google Executive, Gennai had also added that the decision would be effective immediately from Thursday (April 18th), as the company had been struggling to grapple with the EU antitrust concerns, which would result in a havoc-scale financial penalty if unattended.

Latest move of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, the search engine giant was brought into light, after the Silicon Valley giant had hit with a record 4.34 billion euros in financial penalties last year over abuse of its market dominance to block rivals in internet service areas such as browsing.

Last year, the EU Commission had also added that the Alphabet Inc.’s Google had been holding an unfair advantage by pre-installing its Google Search App and Chrome browser on notebooks and Android smartphones. In the face of a bunch of anti-trust lawsuits over Europe, last month Google said that the search engine giant would be letting Android users choose their search engines and browsers.

Addressing to Thursday’s (April 18th) landmark revamp, Google Senior Executive, Paul Gennai said in a blog post, “Two screens will surface: one for search apps and another for browsers, each containing a total of five apps, including any that are already installed.

Where a user downloads a search app from the screen, we’ll also ask them whether they want to change Chrome’s default search engine the next time they open Chrome”.