Toyota set off research institute in China to study hydrocarbon, green tech

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Toyota set off research institute in China to study hydrocarbon, green tech

On Sunday, the 21st of April 2019, the Japanese auto industry Baron, Toyota Motor Corp. said that the company had been planning to set up a research institute in Beijing in partnership with the Tsinghua University for researching car technology using hydrogen power alongside other green technologies, which could offset environmental problems in China.

According to a source close to Toyota, the move had been streamlined by Toyota President and Chief Executive, Akio Toyoda at a speech over Tsinghua University, which would more likely to be another effort of the Japanese Carmaker to share technology with China, as the car making mogul had been seeking to flesh up its business by ramping up distribution channels and manufacturing capacities.

Besides, followed by its President’s speech at Tsinghua University, Toyota Motor Corp. had issued a statement saying the Toyota-Tsinghua joint research initiative would be conducting studies on new car technologies in order to solve environmental problem in China, including a decline of traffic accidents.

Citing the move as an aid to the intensifying energy problem of China, world’s largest importer of petrochemicals, the Japanese automaker said, “It (The institute) will cooperate in research not only related to cars for Chinese consumers, but also in research related to active utilization of hydrogen energy that can help solve China’s energy problems”