Beleaguered Harley-Davidson points to tariff impact, Trump’s tout weighs in

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Beleaguered Harley-Davidson points to tariff impact, Trump’s tout weighs in

On Tuesday, the 23rd of April 2019, the long-cherished American motorcycle manufacturer, Harley Davidson had pointed towards a cautious outlook for 2019, signaling overwhelming problems plaguing its long-term competitiveness despite US President Donald Trump’s vouch for the Wisconsin-based motorcycle maker.

In point of fact, although US President had pledged to stand up for the motorcycle manufacturer over the global trade talks, Harley Davidson appeared to be wary of its long-term outlook. Never the less, shares of the Harley-Davidson, headquartered in Milwaukee, momentarily ratcheted by Trump’s roar with China and Europe on tariffs, climbed as much as 4 percent on Tuesday (April 23rd) morning US trading hours.

However, as the day goes by over the NYSE, the bullish sentiment on Harley-Davidson had completely been evaporated and during the preparation of this report, the share price of Harley-Davidson was down by 2.49 percent to $38.71 at the late US trading hours.

Although, the company had posted a profit over the first quarter of 2019, which had marginally beaten analysts’ estimate, reports of continued decline of sales had tottered the long-term outlook for the motorcycle manufacturer.

Besides, analysts had also pointed out that the company had been failing to attract younger fans, while its older-generation customers of 60s and 70s had been out of the market long ago. Adding that the brokerages and funds might continue to put the rating of Harley-Davidson on hold over a howling holocaust over its long-term outlook, a Stifel analyst, Drew Crum said, “We remain cautious in our outlook for the U.S. motorcycle industry, and continue to rate the shares Hold”.