Verizon lifts profit forecast, loses more phone subscribers

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Verizon lifts profit forecast, loses more phone subscribers

On Tuesday, the 23rd of April 2019, at its quarterly earnings, the Verizon Communication Inc., an American multinational telecommunication conglomerate based at the 1095 Avenue of the Americas in Midtown Manhattan, had raised its profit forecast for 2019 and beaten Wall St.

forecast for quarterly profit, as the company had centered its focus on expense cuts. However, despite its upbeat quarterly earnings, the US wireless carrier had surprisingly lost more phone subscribers than expected. At a post-earnings press conference, the Verizon officials said that the company was expecting a low and single-digit percentage growth this year.

Nevertheless, earlier this year, the company had said that its 2019 profit estimate would be identical to what it had figured out a year earlier. Adding that the company’s profit margins were pressurized over the first quarter on accounting charges, Verizon Chief Financial Officer, Matt Ellis said in an interview, “the business performed really well,” while an analyst with New Street Research, Jonathan Chaplin had been quoted saying that the results were mixed, as the profit margins seemed to be guided entirely by below-the-line-items.

Followed by the reveal of its quarterly earnings, the shares of Verizon had set off US morning trading hours down by 2.2 percent to $57.09, and, at the market closure, Verizon wrapped up the day down by 2.07 percent to $57.15, while further losses appeared to be on the cards, said multiple analysts.