Microsoft sets off new cloud services for AI & blockchain

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Microsoft sets off new cloud services for AI & blockchain

On Thursday, the 2nd of May 2019, the Microsoft Corp. had issued a statement saying that they had started off a new set of tools, particularly designed for software architects, to make critical technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence easier for the businesses.

Since the once-hailed maker of Windows Computer Operating System, Microsoft Corp., had now been relying more on its cloud-based computing and software services for revenue growth, Microsoft had released their new set of cloud-based tools for AI & blockchain ahead of its software development conference scheduled to be taken place next week in Seattle.

As Microsoft has still miles to cover before reaching cloud computing leaders such as Amazon Web Services in terms of revenue, the Windows OS maker for personal and business use had taken a different approach and it had designed many of its services which could only be run either through Microsoft’s Azure Data Centers or its customers’ data centers.

However, customers could choose a combination of them as well. On the contrary, Inc.’s Amazon Web Service requires its users to move all of the data to its own server, however, over the recent past, Amazon had also been leaning towards “hybrid” approaches, followed by Microsoft Corp.

Adding that one of the features of Microsoft’s new cloud services would help online retailers to recommend products based on the shopping history, Microsoft’s chief of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, Scott Guthrie said, “They’re using ours in addition to the existing system they had and seeing some tremendous wins in terms of productivity as part of it. I don’t think it’s going to be necessarily always a winner takes all”.