US dismisses Tesla’s bid for tariff exempt for its Autopilot ‘brain’

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US dismisses Tesla’s bid for tariff exempt for its Autopilot ‘brain’

US trade officials said no to the leading US electric vehicle maker, Tesla Inc.’s bid for an exemption of 25 percent tariffs on China-made Autopilot ‘brain’ for its best-selling Model 3 alongside other electric vehicles on Friday, the 2nd of May 2019, remarking the latest denial of a product tied up to China’s industrial development plan.

According to the documents filed by the USTR (US Trade Representative Office), exemption requests from multiple US-based companies for Chinese-made products including Tesla Inc.’s Autopilot ‘brain’, had been denied, as they had been contemplated as ‘strategically important’ to the “Made in China 2025” program.

In fact, apart from Tesla Inc.’s china-made Autopilot brain for its Model 3 EV, tariff exemption requests for wide-ranging products from aircraft parts to biotechnology instruments made in China, were denied, while Tesla Inc.

had declined to make any comment immediately. Besides, into the bargain, the leading US e-vehicle maker had multiple pending tariff exemption requests including Chinese-made Model 3 Car Computer and Model Center Screen, which would highly unlikely to avert an additional 25 percent tariff inclined by US President Donald Trump last year.

Nevertheless, Tesla Inc. had said in a security filing on last Monday (April 29th), “Our costs for producing our vehicles in the U.S. have also been affected by import duties on certain components sourced from China”.

If truth is to be told, the latest cascade of denials had submissively demonstrated a tyrannous act of US President Donald Trump to stand in the way of China’s efforts to develop high-tech industries, meanwhile forging additional tax burden to United States’ citizens over his personal vendetta.