Glutted Canada urges US to help on China crisis or to forget about favors

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Glutted Canada urges US to help on China crisis or to forget about favors

Sated Canadian Government had been clinging on to United States to settle a dispute with China, which recently had begun to block Canadian imports such as commodities critical to Canada’s export-dependent economy in the wake of a detainment of Huawei Chief Financial Officer, Meng on US extradition request.

Apart from that latest blockage of Canadian imports, China had arrested at least two Canadian executives working on China as an act of retaliation. In the face of a lackluster US response to resolve the issue, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau had signaled that the government could withhold cooperation with United States, until the ongoing dispute had been taken care of.

In recent weeks, China had heightened pressure on Canada over the imprisonment of Huawei Technologies’ Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou, arrested last December on a US extradition request, which accused Meng of misleading financial organizations such as lenders over Huawei’s tie-up with a Hong Kong-based tech firm, Sky Corp., which used to sell Hewlett Packard tech instruments to Iran despite a US sanction.

Over the last few weeks, China had blocked imports of Canadian Canola and suspended permits of two major producers of pork. Citing the situation as a double-edged sword for Canadian economy, a government source said on Sunday, the 5th of May 2019, “It’s also not clear who we should be targeting since you never know who is up and who is down in the administration at any given point.

It’s a very challenging situation. When we raise it with the Americans they just say, ‘Dealing with the Chinese is tough.' "