UK PM May broke terms of Brexit compromise talk: Labor Party’s McDonnell

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UK PM May broke terms of Brexit compromise talk: Labor Party’s McDonnell

On Sunday, the 5th of May 2019, casting further shadows over the latest catch-22 on Britain’s exit of EU, Labor Party’s finance policy chief, John McDonnell said in a BBC interview that the UK PM Theresa May had broken certain conditions of the ongoing talks with opposition labor party to reach a Brexit compromise and she could no longer be trusted.

During the interview, while being asked whether the he could trust PM May, Labor Party’s McDonnell said, “No, sorry. Not after this weekend when she’s blown the confidentiality... I actually think she’s jeopardized the negotiations for her own personal protection”.

However, despite a growing bitterness over the ongoing talks between British Conservatives and Labors, McDonnell had added that the talks would resume at the later part of this week and had a deal been on the cards, it had to be concluded quickly.

After EU Commission had granted an additional six months of Brexit deadline following an emergency EU summit on March 22nd, Brexit chaos appeared to be slowing down over the course of last month. Nevertheless, as EU Commission would review the progresses made by UK PM Theresa May over her deal to divorce European Commission, a-28 nation pact of European countries excluding Britain, on another emergency summit due to be held on early-June, the latest leg of Brexit compromise talks had met with sheer optimism and several analysts had been quoted saying that a significant extent of development had already been attained and PM May had well been on course to seal her amended Brexit deal before June’s EU emergency summit on UK House of Commons.