Google unveils car booking by voice assistant at its annual I/O event

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Google unveils car booking by voice assistant at its annual I/O event

On Tuesday, the 7th of May 2019, the Silicon Valley giant, Alphabet Inc.’s Google unit had demonstrated a preview of its upcoming voice technology, which would be allowing its users to make rental car bookings with a simple ask on Google’s virtual assistant tool, saving several minutes and hazards of placing a manual order.

Google had displayed its latest renovation of AI based voice technology at the National Car Rental’s website, which appeared to be achieved by Google’s push over the past couple of years to integrate its AI-based features into virtual assistant tool, Google Assitant.

At an I/O annual event held near the company’s headquarter in Mountain View, California, Google’s Chief Executive, Sundar Pichai had been quoted saying that the feature could also be used to book movie tickets apart from car rentals, and it would free users from manual filling of forms on company’s website.

In point of fact, the annual event of Google, had attracted as little as 7,000 software developers across the world, who had been creating apps for Google Assistant or other platforms. Besides, Google officials had also added followed by the announcement that they had been working with companies such as Samsung, Volvo, Target Corp.

and New Balance in order to make 3D models of their latest product available in the mobile search. According to a Google spokesman, the car booking feature through voice assistant would likely to be available later this year on Unites States and United Kingdom, however, the feature would be made available to the users of Android OS.