Apple teams up with SAP to help client develop iPhone business apps

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Apple teams up with SAP to help client develop iPhone business apps

On Tuesday, the 7th of May 2019, German multinational software maker, SAP, and the iPhone maker, Apple Inc., had made a joint statement, saying that the German software maker and Apple Inc. had partnered up to help consumers develop their own mobile business apps using the Cupertino-based iPhone developers’ machine learning technology.

In point of fact, followed by the reveal of the statement, tech analysts had been quoted saying that the deal would enhance flexibility for iOS users, meanwhile enabling them to use iPads or iPhones for executing wide-ranging business tasks, such as precise calculation of store sales or machinery repairs.

Although, Germany’s SAP had teamed up with Apple Inc. back in 2016 to rebuild mobile applications for existing product categories, including expense management as well as human resource management, on Apple’s iOS, the alliance has now expanded across SAP’s broader portfolio, including critical area like of procurement.

While sharing a stage with his Apple counterpart Tim Cook at SAP’s Sapphire annual US user conference in Orlando, SAP chief executive, Bill McDermott had been quote saying on Tuesday (May 7th) that the CORE ML technology of Apple would be enabling business consumers to create customized apps on the German software maker’s Leonardo Platform, adding “It’s (alliance) come a long way and it has a lot further to go”.