Japan’s Sharp to return to US TV market, regains brand license

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Japan’s Sharp to return to US TV market, regains brand license

On Wednesday, the 8th of May 2019, the Sharp Corp., a Japanese multinational manufacturer of electronic products, headquartered in Sakai-Ku, Sakai, had issued a statement, saying that the Japanese electronics industry tycoon would re-enter into the US television market later this year.

Besides, the Osaka-based Japanese electronics company had also added that it had regained license to sell its own TV brands, which was sold to China’s Hisense Group back in 2015. The latest move had been a part of Sharp Corp.’s vigorous growth strategy, that had dramatically fueled up after its takeover by the world’s largest contract electronics, Taiwan’s Foxconn, three years ago.

A source briefed on the subject matter had been quoted saying on Wednesday (May 8th) in terms of anonymity, as the source was not authorized to talk about the issue on public, that, the Osaka-based Sharp Corp. had been exploring options to re-enter into other markets over America, however the source had declined to disclose the detail of the company’s latest licensing agreement with China’s Hisense.

In point of fact, analysts had been suggesting that Sharp Corp.’s latest attempt to re-enter into the US market had been closely tied up with its parent organization, Foxconn’s promise to build a tech research facility and a display panel production unit in the US states of Wisconsin.