FCC denies China Mobile bid to operate in United States

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FCC denies China Mobile bid to operate in United States

As anticipated, the Federal Communication Commission of United States had unanimously voted down China Mobile Ltd.’s bid to offer US telecommunication services over national security ground on Thursday, the 9th of May 2019, while FCC had been quoted saying that it had also been reviewing similar approaches made by two other Chinese tech companies, both of which would much likely to be denied, given a tumultuous business relationship between United States and China over the past one year.

In fact, China Mobile is solely owned by the Chinese government and it had placed its bid to provide interconnection services for phone calls between US and other countries back in 2011, and had it been approved, the Chinese state-controlled tech company would have access to US cellular networks, telephone lines, fiber-optic cables alongside communication satellites.

As beforementioned, the FCC had voted down the bid five to zero, adding that the Chinese government could use US intel to conduct espionage against the country. Besides, China Unicom alongside China Telecom Corp. had also sought for approval to provide similar services, both of which had little or no chance to receive an approval, as FCC had recently been quoted saying that the China Telecom had been hijacking US traffic and rerouting it through China, while FCC Chair, Ajit Pai said, “There is a significant risk that the Chinese government would use China Mobile to conduct activities that would seriously jeopardize the national security, law enforcement, and economic interests of the United States.

The Chinese government could use China Mobile to exploit our telephone network to increase intelligence collection against U.S. government agencies and other sensitive targets that depend on this network”.