Puckish Pfizer set to hike price of 41 prescription drugs next year

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Puckish Pfizer set to hike price of 41 prescription drugs next year

  • The Petulant Pfizer, an American Pharmaceutical Giant, would raise the price of over 40 of its prescription drugs next year
  • Around 10% of Pfizer’s drug portfolio would be affected, resulting in an overall increase of 5%
  • Three Pfizer Prescription drugs would experience a 3% rise and one could cost 9% more
As the company announced on Friday, the Pfizer, an American Pharmaceutical Giant is going to raise prices of over 40 of its prescription drugs.

The recent upbringing would affect 10% of total portfolio of Pfizer, resulting in a boost of 5% in overall revenue. Three drugs among those 41 would experience a 3% raise and one is going to cost 9% more. According to the company statement, Pfizer will be raising its prices to upsurge the rational value of the product.

Although, the company mentioned that the price would not be benefitting the net revenue, yet, the market data suggested a 5% rise. On Friday, the company said in a statement, “Pfizer’s pricing is guided by the value our products bring to patients and an understanding of the environment in which we operate.These list price increases are expected to be offset by higher rebates and discounts paid to Insurance Companies and Pharmacy Benefit Managers and the net effect on revenue growth in the U.S.

in 2019 is expected to be zero”. The price dive would take place on January 15th, 2019 and there would be no price hike over the remaining 90%.