Trump calls China tariff war ‘a little squabble’, says talks ongoing

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Trump calls China tariff war ‘a little squabble’, says talks ongoing

On Tuesday, the 14th of May 2019, the US President Donald Trump had labelled the trade war with China ‘a little squabble’ for the moment being, although claimed that the talks had not yet collapsed completely, while investors remained on their toes for further escalation of a bruising Sino-US tariff war.

US President Donald Trump, who had long been criticizing unfair trade practices of China and threatened to incline harsh duties on all of its imports, had been found softening his voice following China’s retaliatory tariff on $60 billion worth of US imports.

Besides, the US President had also expressed cautious optimism about sealing a trade deal with Beijing. Addressing to US complaints on unfair subsidy practice and Chinese intellectual property right, Trump said to the reporters on Tuesday (May 14th), “We’re having a little squabble with China because we’ve been treated very unfairly for many, many decades.

We have a dialogue going. It will always continue” Earlier, a seemingly impulsive US President, Donald Trump, had tweeted that US would make a deal with China, when the time was right. Meanwhile, adding further tension over a possibility of escalating trade war, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman had been quoted saying that China did not want a tariff war, but not afraid of it, if it came to that.