‘Uber drivers are contractors, not employees,’ says US labor agency

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‘Uber drivers are contractors, not employees,’ says US labor agency

A United States labor agency had come to a conclusion over a debate on including Uber’s drivers on to labor’s union, and released a statement on Tuesday, the 14th of May 2019, saying that the drivers of Uber Technologies Inc.

were independent contractors, not employees, which would likely to prevent them from joining labor unions or driver’s union, raising questions on who would be taking care of critical rights of much-suppressed Uber drivers.

On Tuesday (May 14th), the National Labor Relation Board’s General Counsel had released a memo that said the Uber drivers could own their cars alongside set their working hours and were free to work for the competitors of ride-hailing pioneer, Uber Technologies, so according to the Federal Law, Uber’s drivers could not be considered as employees.

Meanwhile, adding that the company had been working even harder despite contumacious events witnessed over the roads of New York and London, to improve flexibility of their contract drivers, the San-Francisco based ride-hailing giant said in a statement, “It (Uber) is focused on improving the quality and security of independent work, while preserving the flexibility drivers and couriers tell us they value”.

In point of fact, Uber alongside its top US rival, Lyft Inc. had been facing a number of lawsuits, charging them with misclassifying workers as independent contractors under state wage and federal laws.