All aircraft maker to suffer from ‘’lose-lose’ trade war: Airbus CEO

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All aircraft maker to suffer from ‘’lose-lose’ trade war: Airbus CEO

On Thursday, the 16th of May 2019, in the wake of escalating trade tensions all over the world, including Sino-US tariff dispute, EU-US issues on auto tariff and a bitter aerospace trade relationship over Airbus’s dominance, the Airbus Chief Executive, Guillaume had rung the warning bell, saying that a further escalation of trade tensions would make entire aircraft manufacturing industry more vulnerable to damages including its US rival, Boeing Co.

The alarming comments came at a time, while the bloc and United States had been threatening each other to incline billions of dollars of retaliatory tariffs on tractors, foods and planes in a nearly 15-year long trans-Atlantic dispute at World Trade Organization over subsidies to Boeing and Airbus.

On a visit to London, adding that the low-cost US aircraft manufacturer, Boeing Co., could not insulate themselves even with WTO’s intervention amid a trade war, the Airbus CEO had been quoted saying to the reporters, “The trade tensions that we see, we believe they are lose-lose tensions.

These tensions, and the trade situation, are not supportive to any of the players in aerospace. We don’t think we’ll be losing more than the other guys in that situation, but we think it should be resolved in one way or another that enables global businesses like aviation to continue to grow”.