Brexit brings down PM May, Boris Johnson stakes leadership claim

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Brexit brings down PM May, Boris Johnson stakes leadership claim

On Friday, the 24th of May 2019, in tears UK PM May had said that, he would quit after being failed to deliver a promised Brexit to the people of United Kingdom, setting up the stages of a contest that would instrument a new British Prime Minister, who would have to grapple with something of such stakes, that no British PM would have to face since the era of Cold war, while questions were raised whether a new PM may pursue a clean divorce with the EU.

PM May’s departure had divulged Britain to new crisis, given PM May’s influence over Brussels, and deepened the Brexit chaos further, as a new leader who would likely to take the office by the end of July may lead the country towards a chaotic and disorderly no-deal Brexit.

Adding further strains over the flaming issue, former Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, locally called as Boris, had emerged as a potential successor of PM May, who had long been known as a hard-Brexiteer and could force the nation towards a no-deal Brexit, analysts suspected.

Besides, following disclosure of PM May’s resignation, Boris’s first comment was quoted as,” Britain should be prepared to leave the EU without a deal to force the bloc to offer a ‘good deal,’” which added to further worries that United Kingdom may have actually been heading towards a no-deal Brexit.