Facebook still miles behind to deal with fake accounts, says officials

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Facebook still miles behind to deal with fake accounts, says officials

On Thursday, the 23rd of May 2019, the social networking tycoon, Facebook Inc. said that they had more and more fights left against millions of fake user accounts, while more than 2.2 billion such “fake accounts” had been erased over the first quarter of 2019, claimed the social networking mogul.

At a Thursday (May 23rd) blog post, the American online social media and social networking service company based on Menlo Park, California, had been quoted saying that the fifteen-year old company, founded back in February, 2004, had a critical battle left against the fake accounts, however, the social networking service provider had also added that they had been ramping up their battle against ‘fake user accounts’, as over the last quarter of 2018, they had erased about 1.2 billion fake accounts, and the figures had been doubled up over the next quarter ended in March 2019.

Aside from that, there had been a destructive background behind the fake user accounts, which had long been used for spreading false propagandas, while manipulating and misleading millions of people by spurring some political mandates including 2016’s US and UK presidential election.

However, Facebook officials had been quoted saying on Sunday (May 26th) following Thursday’s blog post that despite their close-fitting defense policy against ‘fake user accounts’, five percent of monthly user accounts would likely to be fake that they could not control.

In context of political misuse of Facebook on several occasions, EU had recently charged Google and Facebook for not doing enough to prevent false announcements and political advertisings.