Ebullient Trump promises UK a ‘phenomenal’ post-Brexit deal

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Ebullient Trump promises UK a ‘phenomenal’ post-Brexit deal

On Tuesday, the 4th of June 2019, the US President Donald Trump had pledged United Kingdom a ‘phenomenal’ post-Brexit trade deal and dismissed earlier differences over use of Huawei on Britain’s 5G network development.

Besides, the US President, who appeared to be overly rhapsodic, had polished over other disagreements and expressed a stockpile of praises on United States’ closest ally. Being honored by Queen Elizabeth over his first day of visit at Britain, Trump seemed to be effusive about the special relationship between United States and United Kingdom, meanwhile ahead of a UK PM election by the end of late July, Trump had somehow been stopped criticizing Britain and outgoing on PM Theresa May.

Beside May, at UK’s foreign office, Trump had been quoted saying in a press conference that the alliance between US and UK, was the best the world had ever known. Despite worries that Trump might have humiliated PM May in public over her failure to secure Britain an EU divorce deal, Trump had called PM May a “tremendous professional,” while letting pass tempestuous issues likes of Iran and Huawei, and shed light more on sensitive national concerns such as PM May’s potential succession.

Adding that Boris Johnson, who called for a Britain to leave EU unconditionally by October 31st, deal or no-deal, would do a great job as UK Prime Minister, Trump said, “I know Boris, I like him, I’ve liked him for a long time!”