China building reefs in South China sea, caustic clouds over trade war?

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China building reefs in South China sea, caustic clouds over trade war?

China has been building a new platform on a remote part of Paracel Island, the disputed South China Sea, and it might have been weaponized for military purpose, reported a recent satellite image reviewed by US think tank.

The disputed South China Sea, a strategically serpentine waterway has always been claimed entirely by China, and they continued to build military alongside other installations on the artificial island and reefs. There had been a “modest new structure” emerging from the South China Sea, commented the Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“The development is interesting given Bombay Reef’s strategic location, and the possibility that the structure’s rapid deployment could be repeated in other parts of the South China Sea,” the group had said it on Tuesday.

The reef is directly adjacent to the major shipping lanes that run between the Paracels and the Spratly Islands to the south, making it an attractive location for a sensor array to extend Chinese radar or signals intelligence collection over that important sea lane,” the group mentioned as a reaction of the recent satellite image.

While being asked, the Chinese Defense Ministry had declined to respond in this regard, adding an unpleasant comely over the South China Sea, amidst recent trade war turmoil.