China to curb technology exports to United States

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China to curb technology exports to United States

Fanning the flames of an already escalated trade spat further, China had been preparing to slash some technology exports to United States, the Chief Editor of pro-CCP (pro-Chinese Communist Party)-based Global Times Newspaper said on Saturday, the 8th of June 2019.

In effect, the measures of Chinese foreign ministry would retaliate over United States’ Huawei ban last month what Washington contemplated as a national security issue. In a Saturday morning (June 8th) tweet, pro-CCP paper’s Chief Editor, Hu Xijin had been quoted saying that China had been instrumenting a management mechanism in order to protect its key technologies.

Referring it as a retaliatory move to counter US crackdown, Hu added, “This is a major step to improve its system and also a move to counter U.S. crackdown. Once taking effect, some technology exports to the U.S. will be subject to the control”.

Although the Chief Editor of China’s Global Times Newspaper did not mention any source, yet it was not considered to be a microphone for the Chinese Communist Party members to spread propagandas and its views were believed to be representing the views of the Chinese leaders from time to time.

Besides, following the reveal of Hu’s Tweet, Beijing had announced that it would soon release its list of unreliable foreign companies, which it would likely to hit over the trade spat and it also signaled that a curb on rare earth elements exports to United States would take place shortly.