China summons global tech titans after Huawei ban

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China summons global tech titans after Huawei ban

In the wake of a ban on Huawei by US President Donald Trump earlier in May aimed at crippling its global supply chain, China had summoned global technology giants for discussions last week, at least four sources familiar with the talks had unveiled on Sunday, the 9th of June 2019.

Over the latest developments of US-China trade row, Huawei blacklisting had added a new eclipse to the trade spat that had every potentiality to push the global economy towards a recession, while following Huawei ban, China had released its list of foreign companies it would likely to hit as acts of retaliation.

None the less, earlier on May, shortly after US President Donald Trump had raised tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, he had inclined a crippling blow to the world’s largest telco gear maker, Huawei Technologies, preventing it from purchasing goods from its US suppliers which had made it almost impossible for China’s Huawei to continue its operations.

In the contexts of a Huawei ban, China had last week called in large tech giants for talks and one of the spokesmen with Microsoft, who had been in a session with Chinese government, said in terms of anonymity that Beijing did not directly throw out a warning, however it made clear that complying with US ban would result in further complications while conducting businesses in China.

Last week, a New York Times report had first revealed the ongoing meetings between China’s National Development and Reform Commission global tech titans, while major foreign firms had been cautioned not to comply with US bans, otherwise obeying a US command on global business issue would have its consequences.