American Airlines extends Boeing Max 737 grounding up to September 3rd

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American Airlines extends Boeing Max 737 grounding up to September 3rd

On Sunday, the 9th of June 2019, the American Airlines Group Inc., a publicly traded US-based airlines, had issued a statement saying it had decided to extend its cancellation of Boeing Co.’s Max 737, used to operate about 115 daily flights of the airlines, up to September 3rd due to a worldwide grounding of Max 737 following a fatal air crash on March 10th on one of Ethiopian airliners because of a potential software glitch on its autopilot software.

None the less, the largest US domestic airliner, American Airlines had said earlier on May that it would be cancelling its fleet of Max 737 up to August 19th, however as it became uncertain when the US FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) would approve Boeing’s latest software fix for Max 737 following reveal of another glitch on its wings later last month, American Airlines had decided to extend its grounding of Boeing’s Max 737 up to September.

Besides, American Airlines had also added on its Sunday’s (June 9th) statement that Boeing had yet to complete to a test flight for certification and it had not formally submitted an application of approval for its software update and training changes.

Following the American Airlines’ Sunday’s (June 9th) statement, world’s largest low-cost aircraft carrier maker, Boeing Co. had also released a statement saying, “(it) is partnering with our airline customers to maintain their planes in storage and will provide ‘entry into service’ type support once they are cleared to resume commercial operation”.