US regulators rejects Qualcomm’s bid to put anti-trust ruling on hold

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US regulators rejects Qualcomm’s bid to put anti-trust ruling on hold

On Tuesday, the 11th of June 2019, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said at a court filing that the US-based multinational mobile chip supplier, Qualcomm Inc. would not be allowed to put a ruling against the company on hold, while the company had been pursuing a plausible appeal.

Tuesday’s (June 11th) court filing of San Jose, California came after a May 21st decision by a US district judge. Lucy Koh, which had the potentiality to alter business landscape of chipmaker Qualcomm Inc., as she had been quoted saying that Qualcomm used to supply modem chips for phones, but made most of its money by licensing patents.

Among many things, Koh’s decision of last month had shed light on the fact that Qualcomm should license its patents to rival chipmakers such as Intel Corp. instead phone maker, which in effect could curb its patent royalties to pennies per phone from several dollars.

None the less, followed by Koh’s decision on May 28th, Qualcomm had asked the district court of San Jose, California to set aside the hearing, as it had been pursuing an appeal. Besides, the company had also been quoted saying that the decision demanded a radical reform of its business structures.

However, in Tuesday’s (June 11th) filing, FTC had decided that Koh’s decision should stay in place while Qualcomm would be appealing against her ruling.