Uber to test its flying taxi service in Melbourne

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Uber to test its flying taxi service in Melbourne

On Tuesday, the 11th of June 2019, the ride-hailing pioneer and one of the most closely watched Silicon Valley giants, Uber Technologies had issued a statement saying that the company had picked Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne, as its first outside United States test sight for the ride-hailing groups planned flying taxi service.

None the less, the US ride-sharing giants’ first choice was Dubai to test its flying taxi service, however, followed by a delayed response to its proposal and other complications, Uber Technologies had decided to test its flying taxis on Melbourne.

According to Uber’s Tuesday (June 11th) statement, it would likely to begin tests of pilotless aircrafts in Melbourne and some US cities such as Dallas & LA in 2020, while it had been expecting to start off commercial operation by 2023.

Expressing an out-and-out optimism over UberAir in the city of Melbourne, Australia, the regional manager of Uber for Australia, New Zealand and North Asia, Susan Anderson said in an emailed statement, “Australian governments have adopted a forward-looking approach to ridesharing and future transport technology.

This, coupled with Melbourne’s unique demographic and geospatial factors, and culture of innovation and technology, makes Melbourne the perfect third launch city for UberAir”.