Boeing May deliveries fall by 56%, Max 737 grounding howls holocaust

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Boeing May deliveries fall by 56%, Max 737 grounding howls holocaust

On Tuesday, the 11th of June 2019, the world’s No. 1 low-cost aircraft carrier maker, US-based Boeing Co. said that its deliveries had faltered by 56 percent on May on a year-on-year basis, while its best-selling Max 737 remained grounded following a fatal air crash on March 10th.

According to data released by Boeing Co. officials on Tuesday (June 10th), total deliveries of Boeing Co.’s aircrafts had fallen to 30, from a prior figure of 68 a year earlier, while orders for the first five months of the year had still remained at a negative territory, as it remained uncertain when or how Boeing Co.’s Max 737 would again be on-air amid a stack of flaws found in its autopilot software and wings following its worldwide grounding.

Besides, the news came forth a day after the No. 1 US domestic airliners, American Airlines had delayed its on-air date for Boeing Co.’s Max 737 up to September 3rd, stating that Boeing Co. had yet to send its software fix to US Federal Aviation Authority for an approval.

None the less, it had been the last delivery update of Boing Co. before it attends to the Paris Airshow scheduled to be kicked off by next week, where a shoulder-to-shoulder battle between European Airbus SE and Boeing Co.

would likely to lean towards the European aircraft maker in context of a basket of criticisms over Boeing Co.’s best-selling 737 Max’s autopilot software glitch that resulted in deaths of 349 passengers on-board over two lethal air-crashes, one in a Ethiopian Airliner that fell from the sky on March 10th and another on last august offshore of Indonesia.