Google policy head to shake up govt. lobbying team, as criticism lingers

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Google policy head to shake up govt. lobbying team, as criticism lingers

Alphabet Inc.’s search engine giant, Google LLC., had been seeking to pull the plug of an upsurge of public scrutiny across the world by revamping its policymaking, office operations and global lobbying to build relationship with several governments, at least two people familiar with the subject matter had unveiled on Thursday, the 13th of June 2019.

In point fact, government officials and anti-trust authorities of United States, India, Singapore, Ireland, Australia and several other countries had been threatening to launch investigation against Google LLC., accusing the company of exercising inappropriate video and apps alongside potential abuse of market dominance, while the bulk of negative attention would eventually hurt its public images and force the company to contemplate costly strategic changes.

Google’s global policy remained unchanged for more than a year until former General Electric Co. employee Karan Bhatia was appointed last June to ignite the charges of global policy reform. Aside from that, over his first year, Karan had prioritized government affairs and lobbying over public policies in order to rebuild strained relationship with several governments.

Concomitantly, the Google global policy head, Karan Bhatia had started off an overhaul of reporting line and a slash of roster of contract lobbyists, at least eight people with knowledge regarding the subject-matter revealed on Thursday (June 13th).