Huawei says preparing Hongmeng OS rollout to replace Android

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Huawei says preparing Hongmeng OS rollout to replace Android

On Thursday, the 13th of June 2019, an executive of the world’s largest telecom gear maker, Huawei Technologies, facing a lethal US ban aimed at blocking its access to US suppliers, said that the Chinese telecom titan had been in the process of launching its “Hongmeng” operating system in order to replace the US-based android OS.

In an interview on Thursday (June 13th), the vice president of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.’s public affair and communication, Andrew Williamson had been quoted saying that the company would trademark its Hongmeng OS, and replace Android OS on millions of devices in China with its Hongmeng.

Latest Huawei move came forth amid a crippling US blow to its supply chain, barring it from purchasing products from its US suppliers including the Google parent US-based Alphabet Inc., whose Android OS were being used in Huawei’s phones before US ban.

Adding that Huawei was weighing on a potential replacement of Android OS, Williamson said during an interview in Mexico City, “Huawei is in the process of potentially launching a replacement. It’s not something Huawei wants.

We’re very happy of being part of the Android family, but Hongmeng is being tested, mostly in China. I believe it is already being rolled out over a million devices”.