US Justice Dept. set to decide on T-Mobile-Sprint merger next week

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US Justice Dept. set to decide on T-Mobile-Sprint merger next week

Amid a bunch of contumacious protests of the activists and US justice department efforts to block the T-Mobile-Sprint $26.5 billion merger deal, a decision on the merger approval could come as early as by next week, a person with direct knowledge regarding the issue had unveiled on Friday, the 14th of June 2019.

Nonetheless, earlier this week, officials of Dish Network Corp., a US Television network provider headquartered on Englewood, Colorado, had been in talks with the Justice Dept.’s anti-trust chief Makan Delrahim, who had opposed the merger, and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Chair, Ajit Pai, as a part of government’s review of the deal, which has the potentiality to histrionically alter the landscape of US wireless carrier market.

However, last week, the US FCC had voted three to two to approve the merger despite US Justice Department’s recommendation to block it, while thousands of activists had been found protesting against the deal, as it would deduce competition in the US wireless carrier market and heighten costs of pre-paid internet data.

In point of fact, if the merger gets to approve, it would decline the number of US wireless carrier to three from previous four, as Verizon Communication has long been the No. 1 US wireless carrier and AT&T the second, while a Sprint-T-Mobile merger would be the third, analysts said.

Besides, the US Television network, Dish had also opposed the deal and explained the requirement for at least four nationwide network providers during its visit to US Justice Department.