Chicken producer Perdue to join congested plant-based meat market

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Chicken producer Perdue to join congested plant-based meat market

On Friday, the 14th of June 2019, one of America’s largest chicken producer, Perdue Foods, headquartered in Salisbury, Maryland, had issued a statement saying that the 99-years-old chicken producer would set foot into the plant-based meat market.

Besides, the century-old chicken producer had also added that it would begin to sell chicken nuggets mixed with cauliflower, plant protein and chickpeas in order to apprehend a rising demand of combined meat and vegetables.

Followed by the Friday’s (June 14th) statement, a company executive had been quoted saying that more mélanges of vegetable and meats had been in the pipeline, as Perdue Foods had been aiming to value its vegetable-enhanced item’s wing as little as $100 million within next five years, while the combined food business was expected to make up around 5 percent of the company’s overall revenue generation.

In an interview on Friday (June 14th), citing a growing demand for vegan-based foods, Perdue Food’s Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Christianson said, “Consumers have told us the vegetarian lifestyle is too hard, but they’re looking for ways to introduce more vegetables into their diet.

(New products are) like Trojan horses made of vegetables making it onto kids’ plates and into their stomachs”.