China’s FedEx probe should not be seen as a retaliation, says Xinhua

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China’s FedEx probe should not be seen as a retaliation, says Xinhua

In the face of a deteriorating relationship between Washington and Beijing, on Sunday, the 16th of June 2019, Chinese state-controlled news agency, Xinhua said that China’s probe on FedEx Corp., a US-based courier service provider, over misdirected mail should not be contemplated as an act of retaliation against the US company, while the investigation was targeted to present a message that any entity operating in China should abide by its laws and regulations.

Apart from that, over the Sunday (June 16th) commentary, Xinhua added, “China is willing to share the opportunities in its courier market with foreign investors. Undermining Chinese clients’ legitimate rights and interests, however, is not acceptable”.

In point of fact, on Friday (June 14th) Beijing had launched a probe on FedEx Corp. over parcels addressed to Huawei delivered to a wrong address in United States, however, Beijing did not disclose further details regarding the parcels, but said that it did not involve any technicalities.

None the less, latest move of Beijing against the US-based courier service provider came forth after Huawei Technologies had complained that the US company had diverted two parcels destine for Huawei to United States last week.

If truth is to be told, latest Huawei accusations had fanned the flames of a worsening Sino-US trade spat further, as earlier last month US had blacklisted Huawei aimed at preventing it from purchasing goods from US suppliers, which had widely been contemplated as a crippling blow for the world’s No. 1 telco equipment gear manufacturer.