Spain joins Franco-German project to build Europe’s next combat jet

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Spain joins Franco-German project to build Europe’s next combat jet

On Monday, the 17th of June 2019, the defense minister of France, Germany and Spain had signed an accord in order to initiate a trilateral framework of cooperation at the sidelines of Paris Airshow to build next-gen combat jets for Europe, when French President Emmanuel Macron had been found applauding behind them.

In point of fact, Spain’s involvement at an existing Franco-German project to build next generation fighter jet had remarked as a key initiative to ensure that Europe would be able to defend itself without depending on to its allies likes of United States in an increasingly uncertain world.

According to the initiatives, Dassault Aviation and Airbus would build the warplane, expected to be operational by 2040, while the new fighter jet would be replacing existing Rafale of Dassult and Germany’s Eurofighter.

Besides, French Safran and German MTU Aero Engines would combinedly develop the engines of new warplanes. None the less, the European project had met with competition from Britain last year, when it had launched its own combat jet named as “Tempest”.

Followed by the launch of UK’s new war aircraft, industry analysts had been urging European leaders to move swiftly in a global market of warfare of bigger players led by United States, or perhaps China in near future.