Trump says ready to press Xi over Canadian detainees in Beijing

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Trump says ready to press Xi over Canadian detainees in Beijing

On Thursday, the 20th of June 2019, the US President Donald Trump said that he had been prepared to raise the case of two Canadian executives detained by China as an act of retaliation against Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s arrest and detention in Canada alongside a possible extradition to United States, during his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping next week over the sidelines of a G20 summit scheduled to take place by June 28th-29th.

Trump’s latest comment on Canadian detainees came out of the blue, given the extent of high-stake tariff issues breathing fire over the first- and second-largest economies of the world and leading the global economy towards an imminent recession.

However, last week Canadian foreign minister had urged Washington to ease a major dispute between Canada and China , origin of which was dated back to December 1st, when Canadian authorities had arrested the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei and Huawei founder’s daughter, Meng on a US extradition request over allegations that the Huawei CFO had been misleading financial organizations such as lenders over her company’s tie-up with a Hong-Kong-based tech company Sky Corp., which had sold Hewlett Packard tech instruments to Tehran despite a US ban.

Nonetheless, Trump made his comments later on Thursday (June 20th) after a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the White House, while Trudeau had been quoted saying following Trump’s remarks that Xi and Trump would likely to spend considerable time on Japan next week over the sidelines of a G20 summit, while the US President could raise the issue and offset Canada’s trade tensions with China.

If truth is to be told, it was unlikely that Canada would receive its detained executives without releasing Huawei CFO Meng, given the latest scale of US battle against world’s no. 1 telco gear maker, China’s Huawei Technologies, which had been banned from purchasing materials from US suppliers last month, fanning the flames of Sino-US trade spat further.