Airlines eschew Iran-controlled airspace following US regulatory order

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Airlines eschew Iran-controlled airspace following US regulatory order

Later on Thursday, the 20th of June 2019, the US aviation regulator (Federal Aviation Administration) had issued an emergency statement ordering all of US air carriers to steer clear of Iran-controlled airspace over the Strait of Hormuz alongside the Gulf of Oman until further notice, and following the reveal of the order, a majority of global airliners had been found re-routing their flights.

In fact, the latest development over Iran tension and a steep caution of US FAA came forth after Iran’s Elite Revolutionary Guards had shot down a US drone on Wednesday (June 19th) with a surface-to-air missile, fueling up frets over the safety of commercial airlines.

Nonetheless, the downed Global Hawk drone, claimed to have entered into the Iranian airspace, was unmanned and it could fly up to 60,000 ft to relay real-time high-resolution images, however, the incident over a critical oil artery of global crude supply chain followed military attacks on at least six oil tankers offshore of Iran and the Gulf of Oman earlier this week.

Adding that the prohibition would stay put until further notice, FAA had been quoted saying at an emergency order later on Thursday (June 20th) that the nearest commercial aircraft was operating within a distance of 45 nautical miles of the unmanned drone while it had been shot down.

Besides, hours earlier, the United Airlines had cancelled flights between New Jersey’s Newark airport and Mumbai, India’s financial capital city. Aside from that, following the reveal of FAA’s emergency order, a number of major global airliners had re-routed their flights to avoid the confrontation zone including Cathay pacific, Qantas Airways Ltd. of Australia, Singapore Airlines Ltd., Germany’s Lufthansa alongside KLM of Netherland and the British Airways.