Huawei files lawsuit against US Commerce Dept. on seized equipment

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Huawei files lawsuit against US Commerce Dept. on seized equipment

On Friday, the 21st of June 2019, the crisis-sickened world’s No. 1 telco gear maker, Huawei Technologies Co. Inc., headquartered in Shenzhen, China, had filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Commerce, challenging its decision to seize some telecommunication equipment it sent from China to United States for a testing laboratory in California, a court filing had revealed.

In fact, adding that it had shipped some telecommunication equipment from China to US including a computer server alongside Ethernet Switch for a testing lab in California, while it had not applied for any license as it was not required by then, Huawei said in the lawsuit, “The equipment, to the best of HT USA’s knowledge, remains in a bureaucratic limbo in an Alaskan warehouse”.

However, the equipment was later seized in Alaska while those were on its routes to China by the US government, and the Justice Department had yet to take a decision on whether a license would require to ship the devices, court documents revealed.

If truth is to be told, since the worsening of Sino-US trade spat, Huawei had been met with major collateral damages, while earlier last month, the world’s second-largest smartphone vendor, Huawei Technologies, had been hit with a havoc-scale US ban that had every potentiality to handicap the Chinese telco gear maker’s supply chain, and the latest event had been barely a part of a major trade dispute between Beijing and Washington, which had frequently accused Huawei of espionage on behalf of China, an allegation the Chinese telecommunication equipment manufacturer had repeatedly denied