US arms makers say European demands booming amid growing threats

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US arms makers say European demands booming amid growing threats

Later on, Sunday, the 23rd of June 2019, a group of US arms manufacturers said that the Europe’s demand for missile defender, fighter jets and other weapons had been growing at a superfast rate amid bullish concerns on Iran and Russia issue.

In fact, in order to assess the weapon market’s health, US government this year had sent a large group of high-ranking officials led by Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross to the Paris Airshow, where more than 400 US companies had been showcasing their airway arsenals amid open confrontation between Washington and Tehran offshore of Iran and the Gulf of Oman.

Besides, according to the top weapon makers such as Lockheed Martins, Boeing Co., and others, despite escalating trade tensions between Washington and Brussels, the weapon makers had been experiencing an accelerating demand for the US weapons.

Adding that the number of weapon orders were promising, head of Lockheed Martin’s international division, Rick Edwards said, “Two Paris air shows ago, there weren’t a lot of orders. Now ... our fastest growth market for Lockheed Martin in the world is Europe,” while the Chief Executive of the Aerospace Industries Association, Eric Fanning had been quoted saying that an increased provocation of Kremlin had been surging weapon demands.